An outlet for our latest craziness with Qubool Hai, an Indian show airing from Oct 29 2012 on Zee Tv. Starring the hearthrob Karan Singh Grover [ Asad ], Surbhi Jyoti [ Zoya ] & Vikrant Massey [Ayaan].

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khashish asked "OMFG! That gifset is amazing, and I'm crying. My dil has exploded from all these feels! You're like a giffing goddess!"

ALSKDJA don’t say these things my heart cannot handle! Though I’m just a dasi among goddesses of Ps, THANK YOU :’)

    Anonymous asked "Hey, do you know which song they played when Asad and Zoya were dying?"

    Alvida from D-Day :) holy crap I watched the music video yesterday for the it’s so tragic/creepy Arjun Rampal and Shruti Hassan omg

      mar ke bhi na hum kahenge…Alvida

        khashish asked "That third video in the Ishq series is absolutely perfect! How do you edit? It looks so real, and so perfect. I'm getting all these Armaan and Zoya feelings! AHHHH! Thank you so much Himani, you're perfect and so is that video! (:"

        AHHHHH YOU ARE SO KIND *sniff sniff* thank you soo much :’) Yeah I hope Armaan and Zoya and stitch the hole in your hearts that Asya’s death made, just a bit. But wow, thank you this means a lot YOU ARE PERFECT OKAY?! <3

          Anonymous asked "Are you going to make videos on armaan and zoya??(part 4,5,6 and many more) I loved yours videos from 1-3 and it's AWESOME(: so I would love if you would make more(:"

          YES I WILL!…in time haha. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING IT omg ily :’D

            Umr bhar ka saath jiska kyun wohi pyar ho? 
            Kyun na mitke jo fanaa ho, woh bhi pyar ho? 
            Na adhoori ye kahaani
            Na adhoora ye fasaana
            Mar ke bhi naa kahenge alvida

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              zubaan lambi aur bekaboo hai - Allah Miyaa! 

                colinsorgasms said: JESUS CHRIST HIMANI HOW LONG DID THE SECOND VIDEO TAKE YOU? These are so perfect!

                and omg thank you for acknowledging the time this takes bc idk why im doing this to myself what is life 

                  Anonymous asked "Do you know where i can get solely asya (kabhi) HD scenes? Does anyone have them and wont mind uploading to lets say google drive? YT and DM suck with their copyrights :("

                  We do not have solely asya scenes, we have HD episodes. We’re all really busy right now but we can post some if you guys really want. BUT, you can download HD episodes too! Most of them are up if you search “__episode date___ nowdownload” :) Just find and follow the nowdownload links and you can download HD epi’s! 

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                    Anonymous asked "how do you guys feel about asad and zoya dying? I'm just so sad, like our asad and zoya who went through so much together."

                    Hey anon, thanks for the question!

                    The thing is…I WOULD be sad…I would be DEVASTATED and bawling my face out…but to me Asad and Zoya’s story ended with their last failed nikkah…a few months before KSG left :( It’s sad but it’s the truth and I can’t help it. Asya as KaBhi are forever alive in my heart :’) 

                    JUST LOOK AT THESE PERF BABIES