An outlet for our latest craziness with Qubool Hai, an Indian show airing from Oct 29 2012 on Zee Tv. Starring the hearthrob Karan Singh Grover [ Asad ], Surbhi Jyoti [ Zoya ] & Vikrant Massey [Ayaan].

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    Fun on the sets part 5 

    KVB is so funny when he is bored :D

    Anonymous asked "omg you guys are giffing qh2 yay :D"

    yasss we are! well at least i (aarti) am for now ahah. most of us are on vaca/haven’t caught up wt the show yet so slowly you’ll be seeing more gifs of qh2 (hopefully)! :’) 


          smilerlizbian asked "Omg your gifs are AMAZING!! love it👌💗💜💗💜"

          tell me something i don’t know~

          HAIR FLIP

          EDIT: sorry this was my friend replying lol. Thanks soooo much, means a lot!!

            Anonymous asked "I really love Karan as Asad Ahmed Khan ! I FUCKING love him in this role ^_^"


            well since you loveeee him, here have some Asad on your dash (:

            image image who the fk looks this sinfully hot while PRAYINGG???

            image oh those rare sightings of Asad Not-So-In-Control-&-Turned-On Khan

            image image

            image AWKWARD LITTLE BACHA <3

            image oh that pigheadedness :’)

            image image if you look this sexy while cryinggg no ones gonna pray for you to be happy like come on fuck those eyess!!!! okay may be that sounds a tad bit too sadistic

            image image Last but certainly not least Nanga Ahmed Khan SIGHHHHHHH

                noesha12 asked "Hey! Im sorry to disturb you but could you please please pleease tell me how to download old Qubool Hai videos? if you cld help that wld mean the world to me! Thanks!"

                Hey! So sorry for the super late reply. But if you search the episode date with ‘nowdownload’ and find the nowdownload links on desitvforum I think, you can download them in HD. Most are available there. If not then you can download the videoweed ones using keepvid then covert the .flv file to .mp4 using any software that allows that. Let me know if that was confusing and still need help haha

                  Anonymous asked "Hey! I love your blog! Can you guys please put any old HD qubool hai episodes up on youtube (they're not taking old qubool hai episodes down anymore) or on vimeo. This would help all those who really want to watch/gif qubool hai again. This would make my life, and I would thank you so much. If you can't, then that's okay! (: I still love you guys and your blog :)"

                  Awww you asked so nicely, how can I say no! I’ll try to put them up, but I can’t do them all so can you send me specific dates/epis you want?

                    I MISS THESE FOOLS