An outlet for our latest craziness with Qubool Hai, an Indian show airing from Oct 29 2012 on Zee Tv. Starring the hearthrob Karan Singh Grover [ Asad ], Surbhi Jyoti [ Zoya ] & Vikrant Massey [Ayaan].

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Anonymous asked "You should make more gifs of qh2!! :)"

we shall try! 

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    Anonymous asked "Hi! What episode was that AsYa gif you made from?! I really want to see the whole scene"

    May 7th! My budday wooo lol


          Fun on the sets part 5 

          KVB is so funny when he is bored :D

          Anonymous asked "omg you guys are giffing qh2 yay :D"

          yasss we are! well at least i (aarti) am for now ahah. most of us are on vaca/haven’t caught up wt the show yet so slowly you’ll be seeing more gifs of qh2 (hopefully)! :’) 


                smilerlizbian asked "Omg your gifs are AMAZING!! love it👌💗💜💗💜"

                tell me something i don’t know~

                HAIR FLIP

                EDIT: sorry this was my friend replying lol. Thanks soooo much, means a lot!!

                  Anonymous asked "I really love Karan as Asad Ahmed Khan ! I FUCKING love him in this role ^_^"


                  well since you loveeee him, here have some Asad on your dash (:

                  image image who the fk looks this sinfully hot while PRAYINGG???

                  image oh those rare sightings of Asad Not-So-In-Control-&-Turned-On Khan

                  image image

                  image AWKWARD LITTLE BACHA <3

                  image oh that pigheadedness :’)

                  image image if you look this sexy while cryinggg no ones gonna pray for you to be happy like come on fuck those eyess!!!! okay may be that sounds a tad bit too sadistic

                  image image Last but certainly not least Nanga Ahmed Khan SIGHHHHHHH